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A2 (G) Homework set w/c 9th Sept.

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Composition (due in Friday 13th on Moodle)

Complete a planning sheet for the relevant brief and 12 bars of music on Sibelius, both to be submitted via Moodle.

Chorale (due in Friday 20th)

Complete Worksheet 03

Applied (due in Thursday 19th)

Read and make brief notes on the synopsis of Tristan and Isolde on p. 63 of the source book.

Instrumental (due in Monday 16th)

1.Read and annotate the Schumann article in your GSMIRTH pack
2.Add melodic and rhythmic features to GSMIRTH and your anthology
3.Write a mini-essay describing the melodic and rhythmic features of Kinderscenen – use slide 7 on the PowerPoint (on Moodle) to guide you
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