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Year 12 Homework w/c 10th October

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Composition Project 3 – submitted for checking prior to final entering during class on TUESDAY 20th

See instructions in booklet. You can either adapt/improve your melody from the sentence in Project 1 (or even more heavily adapt Project 2) or you can write something from scratch. Do be sure to follow all the instructions though if you redo Project 1.

NOTE: you have feedback Google Classroom that you need to look at before you start using Project 1 in this project!

Revise for the final Starting Points test next week on Thursday 22nd

Complete the practice questions on Google Classroom:

There are also some quizzes on Moodle (scroll down to Starting Points Quizzes) if you want some extra practice on the basics.

The following topics will be included in the test:

  • Aural identification of chords and cadences
  • Analysing chords and keys
  • Labelling embellishments on a score
  • Analysing phrase structure
  • Writing simple embellishments
  • Harmonising a cadence in four parts
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