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Year 12 Remote Learning Week 8 (w/c 1st June)

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Video Introduction

The above calendar gives an overview of what we are doing and when this half term. The focus is slightly changing as we study the following areas:

  1. Into the Twentieth Century (AoS E)
    • Unseen listening in three early twentieth century styles
    • Set work: Debussy ‘Nuages’ from Nocturnes
  2. Review Western Classical Tradition(AoS A) Haydn 104 and cover two more essay topics
  3. Continue with Musical Theatre Listening (concentrating on the 32-bar song)
  4. Experiment in a variety of non-WCT compositional styles

This Week

In general over this half term you need to do the six short composition tasks (see Calendar and Moodle) and make sure you have practice the music for your internal performance, which will go ahead in some form before the end of this term.



  • Complete Dictation Exercise on Moodle
  • Keep revising movements 1 and 4 of the Haydn for review test w/c 29th June. There are two Moodle Quizzes to complete.
  • Begin to make notes on Essay Topic G (harmony and tonality).


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