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Year 12 Remote Learning Week 9

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This week I am trialling putting everything on Google Classroom. I don’t want to get left in the dark ages of Moodle if everyone else is moving on!

I hope it isn’t too much of a pain!

Let me know if you are having problems.

Summary for work for this week

Into the C20 (AoS E) – set on Monday / due Thursday

  • Debussy Worksheet 2 (start with this)
  • Core Wider Listening Piece 1 (this is just a bit of unseen listening for now, but actually this piece is one we are going to study as one of three core wider listening pieces – we need these as further examples for a 5-mark question in the exam)
  • Composition Task (for Friday). Write a short (i.e. 12 or so bars) pentatonic sketch. You need to have a look at the examples here for inspiration and watch the video here. Google Classroom NOT Moodle please


  • Dictation (on Google Classroom)
  • Research/Revision for essay on Harmony and Tonality (remember video from last week)
  • Complete Moodle Quiz Haydn 104 Movement 4 Quiz 3

Musical Theatre Aos C

  • ‘People will say we’re in love’ listening exercise.
  • 32-bar song form – due in on Google Classroom NOT Moodle please

Also there is the virtual concert choir piece to do here and your practical work to prepare.

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