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Year 12 Remote Learning Week 7 (w/c 18th May)

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Coming up:

  • Thursday 21st May: Final Submission of Rondo
  • Monday 25th May: Submission of notes on Debussy

Rondo (Submission on Thursday)

As well as responding to your feedback you should also consider the following points:

  • Make sure there is plenty of articulation (particularly short slurs and staccatos) and dynamic marking
  • Keeping the A section returns varied (without breaking them!)
  • Making your textures lively and interesting (but not over complex)
  • You could also add a D section if you have not done so already so it goes ABACA’DABA. The A before the D should be shorter, more varied and modulate to the new key.

Debussy and the Early Twentieth Century

This week I want you to start research for the topic we are starting after half term. You should also start getting to know the first movement of the Debussy Preludes – the yellow score I gave you before lockdown.

  • You should complete the tasks described here: https://moodle1.kedst.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=1139#section-8 by 25th May and submit on Moodle
  • You should also (if possible) read the chapter on Into the Twentieth Century in the Rhinegold Eduqas Study Guide
  • You should also read and listen to the links on the Short History of Music here
  • Listen to the Debussy. The track is on Moodle but also on Youtube This is a piece that you may not immediately be attracted to – it is atmospheric and evocative rather than tuneful. Try and listen to it immersing yourself in its atmosphere, which is something like a ship sailing on a misty ocean in which you can see blurred outlines and shapes and hear strange noises!

WCT etc

Later in the week I will have finished marking your assessments from last week and you should review your marks and feedback. I will let you know when this is ready.

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