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Year 12 Remote Learning Week 6 (w/c 11th May)

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Coming up:

  • Wednesday 13th May: Final Check of Rondo Draft
  • Thursday 14th May: Online Assessment: Musical Theatre Listening, Dictation, Short Answer on Haydn 104 (any movement), Essay on one of Topics B-F.
  • Thursday 21st May: Final Submission of Rondo


Wednesday submission here

As well as responding to your feedback you should also consider the following points:

  • Make sure there is plenty of articulation (particularly short slurs and staccatos) and dynamic marking
  • Keeping the A section returns varied (without breaking them!)
  • Making your textures lively and interesting (but not over complex)
  • You could also add a D section if you have not done so already so it goes ABACA’DABA. The A before the D should be shorter, more varied and modulate to the new key.

WCT and Music Theatre

This week is test week! There will be a series of Moodle tests to do on THURSDAY.

  1. Watch the Revision Videos for all four movements of the Haydn and revise them (Minuet video will be up on Tuesday). First movement / Second movement / Third movement / Fourth movement (NEW VERSION)
  2. Make a revision aid for one or two of the movements that we can share. It could be a summary card, a quiz, a powerpoint or in fact anything at all. If you could attach a file or a link in the appropriate Moodle submission by the end of Tuesday that would be excellent.
  3. Do at least one Moodle Revision Quiz for each movement and a couple of music theatre practice exercises.
  4. Revise your essay topics
  5. Watch this video on Music Theatre Worksheet 33 from last week

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