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Year 12 Remote Learning Week 5 (w/c 4 May)

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Video Introduction

Coming up:

  • This Thursday 7th May: Timed Mixed Short Answer Test on Movements 1-3 (particularly 3)
  • This Thursday 7th May: Timed Essay facts any one of Topics B, C, or D (topics listed at the bottom of the page here)
  • Wednesday 13th May: Final Check of Rondo Draft
  • Thursday 14th May: Online Assessment: Musical Theatre Listening, Dictation, Short Answer on Haydn 104 (any movement), Essay on one of Topics B-F.
  • Thursday 21st May: Final Submission of Rondo


You should have feedback. Please email if you have not. Next and final checkup is Wednesday 19th May.


  1. Do WCT Worksheet 44 in WCT Aural Workbook 2 (files and explanations on Moodle)
  2. Review Movement 1-3 Essay and Short Answer for Movement 3
  3. You could also look at the exemplar essay on Topic E beginning on Moodle and continue it in the same level of detail (if you did not do that last week).
  4. Do the test on Moodle between 9am and 10pm on Thursday (link in email if you cannot find it)

Musical Theatre

The introductory video includes a brief look at LAST weeks worksheet. There is now a new worksheet to complete

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