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Year 12 Homework w/c 25th November

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Composition (for Tuesday 3rd December)

Your blank six bars should be filled as follows:

1. A single bar based on the same chord that you landed on at the end of your A section (should be chord I of the dominant of your original key) leading to …

2. A partial circle of fifths in the original key as follows:

  • iii – vi ii – V (one chord per bar)
  • write a two-bar melody / texture that draws on your original idea in some way and fits with iii-vi and then sequence it exactly a step down for the next two bars (ii-V)

3. Finally, one bar of an augmented sixth that resolves onto the beginning of your dominant pedal

Optional extensions:

  • re-orchestrate it for ‘a 8’ early Classical orchestra (strings plus two horns and two flutes or oboes)
  • write a contrasting Trio in a different key that follows a similar template


  • 1-8 – modulating period to the dominant (via secondary dominant) [repeat marks at the end of bar 8]
  • 9 – One bar continuing in the dominant
  • 10-13 – circle of fifths in original key: iii – vi – ii – V
  • 14 – augmented sixth onto …
  • 15-18 Dominant pedal
  • 19-26 – As bars 1-8 but staying in the tonic

Haydn / Western Classical

Prepare for an essay on the development of Third Movements on Wednesday 4th. Your essay should talk about roughly three earlier symphonies, Haydn 104 and three or so later symphonies, making your references clear and accurate.

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