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Year 13 Homework w/c 9th October

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Composition (Portfolio Submission 1)

Please submit on Moodle by the end of FRIDAY 20th OCTOBER. In addition, you must submit a new copy of the composition submission pro forma AND type up briefly how your composition is going and what your plans are in the online text submission box. This submission is a formal requirement of your Eduqas coursework.

WCT (for next WEDNESDAY 18th October)

Write an essay on the following title (in the exam you will have 30-40 minutes):

Discuss how composers have changed in their approach to writing Minuet and Trio / Third movements in symphonies written between 1750 and 1900. You should refer to both set works and a range of other relevant symphonies from the Classical and Romantic eras. [15 marks]


  • around at least one third of the essay should be taken up with detailed discussion of the set works including bar numbers and the rest should consist of brief references to other relevant works
  • don’t give the impression that these are THE key works of the era – they are representative of wider trends
  • include a short introduction and conclusion
  • remember to use the notes on development of the symphony


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