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Year 12 Homework w/c 9th October

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REMEMBER: You need to hand in the music (including accompaniments) for your initial performance NEXT WEEK

Composition Circle of Fifths Homework (for end of THURSDAY on Moodle)
Use the template on page 33 of the Starting Points booklet to write a circle of fifths progression in a reasonable key of your choice.

  • Bar 1 should be I – IV
  • the bass line should just be root position minims
  • write a melody for bar 1 that avoids parallel octaves of fifths (put the bass in first inversion for one or other chord if necessary)
  • bar 2 moves down a step
  • bar 3 moves down another step
  • bar 4 moves down a final step BUT the second half of the bar should be changed so the whole bar fits with chord V

Transfer your work to a string quartet score with the simple bass line in the cello part and the melody in the first violin. You can fill in the other parts with simple accompaniments if you wish.

Submit on Sibelius


Writing a Melody Homework (handed in during the lesson on Tuesday)
Use THIS RESOURCE to help you write two separate melodies presented on manuscript paper with the melody on the stave and chord labels (I, IV, V etc.) underneath. Do NOT write a bass line or texture etc.

Your first melody should be a sentence and the second should be a period

For each,

  1. Create a basic idea (this includes, tempo, dynamics etc. use the chart on the page to choose these)
  2. Write a cadence
  3. Complete you period or sentence according to the description
  4. CHECK IT to make sure you have no rogue dissonances or other problems




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