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Year 12: Half Term Homework

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Starting Points Final Composition (Tuesday 31st October)

A rounded binary form piece for string quartet submitted on Moodle as TWO files:

  • File 1: the melody with Roman numeral chords (and if it helps you a stave with those chords put in as simple block chords just to guide the harmony)
  • File 2: the same melody in the first violin part of the string quartet with SIMPLE accompaniments adapted from  Simple Quartet Textures, You must say in your submission which texture you have used (just add it as a post-it note on the score).

You must follow this detailed composition brief very carefully and exactly.

  • I recommend that you do a SENTENCE as we have done a lot of work on that – use the notes here to help you
  • Look at the notes dissonance
  • Check the Harmonic DOs and DON’Ts
  • Make sure you cadences follow one of these patterns (and that you end the last cadence stepwise onto the tonic note of the key)

Revision for starting points test on Wednesday/Thursday  1st/2nd November

Topics covered:


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