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Year 12 Half term Homework

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WCT (due Tuesday 27th February)

Write an extended essay OR create a pamphlet/handout that outlines the development of the symphony in the later Romantic era (see notes here). You should introduce Romanticism in music in a general way and then make sure you address the following:

  • the expansion of the first movement
  • the expansion of the orchestra
  • the increasing importance of drama and narrative in the Romantic symphony

Composition (due FRIDAY 2nd March)

1) write a short extract of music that depicts storm (see here for notes and examples)

2) write a short love theme. It must include some heartwrenching resolving dissonances such as 9ths etc. and chromaticisms (see examples studied in class here). BUT keep the harmony really simple sticking to normal HARMONIC CONVENTIONS and then you can add diminished sevenths, secondary dominants, augmented sixths etc.


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