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Year 12 HW w/c 22nd January

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Make any necessary improvements to the 16-bar compound period.


  • Try and include some more interesting (but not too much) harmonies (see here for help on this)
  • If your rhythm is mostly crotchets and minims try to include a dotted rhythm or some quavers somewhere to bring it to life
  • Dynamics and articulation add short slurs and staccatos in particular to bring it to life (see here for tips)

THEN write two development sketches (about 4-8 bars each). Try selection of the following (can be several at a time):

  • in a closely related (or if you are brave a less closely related) minor key
  • sequence an idea down by step
  • circle of fifths
  • modulating into a different key
  • new texture (perhaps move into the bass etc.)
  • imitation/call and response
  • parallel first inversion chords
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