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Year 12 Homework w/c 15th Jan.

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First improve your 16-bar compound period in response to feedback and then run it immediately into your improved tonic filler/noise material. These two exercises now need to be in same file.

If you have time you should start some development sketches. You need to take your lead from Haydn 104, take a fragment of your theme and try selection of the following (several at a time):

  • in a closely related (or if you are brave a less closely related) minor key
  • sequenced down by step
  • circle of fifths
  • modulating into a different key
  • new texture (perhaps move into the bass etc.)
  • imitation/call and response
  • parallel first inversion chords


Write an essay on the development of the orchestra as seen in the symphony from 1750-1900.

You need to spend some time reading and listening on the Development of the symphony pages. You will find that some pieces have specific information on the development of the orchestra (Topic F ) so you should concentrate on those. You can get extra info and context from the internet (there are some links on the relevant pages to get you started) and from listening on Youtube/Spotify etc.

You should structure you essay as follows:

  • Introduction (have a quick read of this and look at the the Corelli and the Stamitz Trio Symphony on the Development of the symphony pages.
  • Development of the orchestra in Early Classical era (look at Stamitz Op. 3/2 and Haydn Symphony No. 2 for starters)
  • Expansion in the mature Classical period
  • Beethoven’s use of the Orchestra
  • Finally the expansion of the orchestra in the later Romantic era (start with Berlioz and choose a few others including Strauss and Mahler)


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