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Year 12 Homework w/c 22nd Nov.

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The first task is to correct and improve your basic A:||B(A’) 24 bars. Please ensure that:

  • you have a tempo at the beginning and then dynamic and articulation markings throughout in all parts (see guide)
  • your A section has both the modulation AND the secondary dominant
  • your B section has a selection of chords over the pedal (see in WCT Fingerprints)
  • you have included TWO textures based on the minuet models 
  • you have followed all the guidelines here

All students must submit this on Tuesday/Wednesday next week in quartet form.

The task following week (but you can start this week if you are ready) is to do one or more of the following extensions:

  • orchestrate using small Classical orchestral forces (a 8 combinations). You can go as large as Haydn 104
  • add a coda
  • write a trio to go alongside it also in binary form

WCT Essay (NEXT Friday)

Write a revision leaflet/poster/booklet for Haydn 104 Minuet. You can use the annotated score on Moodle (requires log-in) and the resources on A level music (development of symphony) to help you.

It must include:

  • a structure table (include main keys)
  • features including harmony and rhythm
  • information and examples that puts it in context in terms of its orchestration
  • an introduction to humour in Haydn referring to a couple of other examples.
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