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Year 12 HW w/c 14th November

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You have already written the A and A’ sections of a rounded binary minuet – A :||: B (A’) – your task is now to write the B section.

Your B section should use a fragment of your A section (maximum a bar) and follow this harmonic structure:

First it needs to go iii-vi-ii (either one chord per bar or a bit quicker)

THEN the rest should be chord progressions over a dominant pedal that use the fragment you have chosen as the melody idea.

  • You can see in the first example on the dominant pedal explanation page that a one-bar idea is repeated over a repeated I6/4  – V chord progression. Part of your dominant pedal could do something similar
  • In the second example on the same page Haydn starts off with a repeated idea using a diminished seventh and then moves to a series of rising thirds

For the range of harmonies you can use look here. The ideas on this page you can use as follows:

  • part of your pedal can go I6/4 – from the first example
  • you should also use something more interesting such as vii7 of V – V from the second example (each of these dissonant chords much resolve to V or V7)
  • you could also use rising thirds or sixths as in the third example

In composition next week you will have feedback for BOTH homeworks so you can put them together in the lesson.

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