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Year 12 Homework w/c 24th April

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Composition (upload by the end of Friday – or Saturday if you have Sibelius at home)

For the end of this week:

1)Make improvements as suggested on feedback

2)Add two textures adapted from Basic String Quartet textures (on composition page of alevelmusic.com) OR any WCT examples on Eduqas Moodle

Some general points:

  • Pedals – need dissonances (see notes on composition page)
  • Harmonic sequences (see notes on composition page)
  • Parallel motion and octave unisons can be simpler
  • Diminished seventh voice leading (see notes on composition page)
  • Cadential 6/4 voice-leading
  • Stepwise to cadences

Use the structure exemplar given out in class to write an essay on development of sonata form (see notes on essay practice handout and also your own essay from the exam).

Remember to revise for short answer knowledge tests next WEDNESDAY.

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