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8 – Composition


Conventions of the Western Classical Tradition (useful for composing in this style)

Tips on melody-writing

Composition Reference (instrument ranges, metronome marks etc.)

Harmony and Tonality

Secondary chords

Sequences notes

Chromatic chords: Secondary_Dominant / Diminished_Seventh/ Augmented_Sixth / Neapolitan


Textures and Sonorities (scores and tracks on Moodle)

String techniques: String TechniquesOrchestral Examples

Basic string Quartet Textures

Piano accompaniment Examples

List of Orchestral influences  (this is a union list of examples, some of which are explained more fully on Moodle)

Percussion basics

Into the Twentieth Century

Beyond common practice: dissonance/ alternative scales

Case studies: Debussy / Bartok / Messiaen

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