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Year 12 Homework w/c 23rd January

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1. Compile your work so far into one file as follows. Have an orchestral score as in the tonic filler exercise and put the string quartet material in the strings, with the cello part also copied into the double bass part so they play the same:

  • First subject: 16-bar compound period theme (improved as necessary)
  • 1st subj. continuation: Allegro Tonic Filler
  • Transition:  you need to write this (see below)
  • Second subject: for the moment we are going Haydn so just transpose your first subject 16-bar idea up or down into the dominant
  • Development fragments

2. Transition

Your transition should use the following chord sequence from the Haydn – the V6/I6 is a pivot.

Tonic:          I vi(6) V6

Dominant:              I6   vii6 I

Then do what you like in the new key for a few bars before landing on the dominant pedal for four or more bars. You should use similar procedures for doing harmonies over the pedal as before (see composition page on alevelmusic.com).

Remember to use secondary chords as discussed on the notes on composition page.

Please revise for a test next WEDNESDAY 1st on Haydn First movement and related listening (lots of stuff to help on Moodle)

Please read and take private notes on 125-140 of the study guide.

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