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Year 12 Homework w/c 16th January

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Symphony (before the beginning of the lesson on Wednesday)
Update your ‘Development of the Symphony’ notes (under ‘Your Notes’ at the top of AoS A on Moodle). Delete the old file and replace it please with your new one. You need to add as follows. (location of files to help you in brackets)

  • Update your Stamitz notes with his Op. 3 No. 2 first movement (annotated score on ‘Allegro scores ..’) as a featured work
  • Add C. P .E. Bach and his E minor symphony as a featured work (annotated score on ‘Allegro scores ..’)
  • Add Beethoven and his Symphonies 3 and 5 (in ‘WCT Listening Exercises’)

Composition (for end of Friday)

  1. Make corrections to your Allegro Theme 1 and resubmit with ‘corrected’ in the filename in the same place. Add at least a couple of secondary chords (e.g. ii-V, vii6-I, vi-ii, IV or V). You can read some notes on secondary chords here or on the Composition Moodle.
  2. Write two fragments of development in two different closely related keys to the key of your Allegro theme and using a motivic fragment from that theme. You should use at least two of the following development ideas: sequence, inversion, augmented sixth, pedal, imitation, call and response repetition. The two fragments do not have to follow on but they can and you can either write for string quartet or add some wind and brass. The Haydn development from Symphony 104 is our model and you can follow it quite closely if you wish.
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