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Year 12 Homework w/c 21st November

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Composition (for end of day on Friday 2nd December)

  1. Improve your minuet composition according to the feedback
  2. Make sure that you have a proper chromatic chord modulation and that you have at least one more interesting chord in your dominant pedal section (see file in Minuet Composition Files)
  3. Consider the tempo, particularly if you have just used the default – might it be better slower or faster?
  4. Add LOTS of dynamics and articulations to the melody (at least as much as in the Haydn Symphony 104 that we are studying)
  5. Using the models we looked at in class (in the Minuet Composition Files folder on Moodle) rework the texture for string quartet, again using lots of dynamics and articulations. You need a variety of textures but do not make it TOO complicated and DO NOT make up your own very complex textures.

Extension task (do one or the other )

EITHER write a trio to go with this Minuet OR re-orchestrate along the lines of one of the orchestration tasks completed a few weeks ago (Stamitz, Filtz or Haydn).

Essay (Wednesday 30th)

Write a short essay on humour in the minuet and trio with reference to three other works by Haydn.

Revision (for Monday 28th November)

On Monday there will be a brief test on your knowledge (using blank scores) of the Haydn, a set of questions on an unfamiliar piece, and a short question exploring a topic that we have covered (i.e. humour or orchestration). There is an annotated score on Moodle.


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