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Year 12 Homework w/c 14th November

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Composition (for Tuesday 22nd end of day on Moodle)

A :|| (Modulating Period) – 8 bars

  • Four bars ending on an imperfect cadence (I to V)
  • Four bars ending on a perfect cadence in the dominant key using one of the following progressions for bars 6-8:
    • Diminished seventh onto | V6/4-5/3 | I
      (note two chords in penultimate bar)
    • Secondary dominant onto | ii6-V | I
      (note two chords in penultimate bar)

 ||: B (A’) :|| – 16 bars

  • Four bars of iii-vi-ii-V back in home key
  • Four bars of Dominant pedal (four bars)
  • Eight bars of non-modulating period (as A but without the modulation in the second half)

Please simplify your quartet texture so that all three lower parts simply sustain the harmonies (we will work on the texture in a final part of this task next week).

Musical Theatre (for Wednesday 23rd by the end of the day on Moodle)
Please complete a set of research notes on Word that should run to at least a couple of pages. You will need to read at least the Rodgers and Hammerstein (Sears) and Oklahoma! (Kenrick) but you might also find the more general stuff useful. 

Your research notes should summarise the historical position of Rodgers and Hammerstein, their main innovations, their most important works together and include detailed reference to at least three songs (scores and tracks of some are on Moodle but there is loads on Youtube also).

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