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A2 Homework (w/c 7th March)

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Keep on going! If you are finished or nearly finished, please check your emails as on Tuesday evening I will be sending out a check list and a template for the cover sheet.

Please write a set of TEN bullet points (no intro or conclusion) for each of the following titles. Make sure you concentrate of bar numbered FEATURES of the music and explain where necessary how the feature is relevant to the question.

  • Identify writing in On the Waterfront that helps to portray the brutality of the mobsters and the vulnerability of the main protagonist Terry Malloy?
  • Discuss features of On the Waterfront that are influenced by jazz music

See Chorale Spring Term Work

1. Mark your partner’s essay using the answer sheet given out in class. Give ticks and double ticks for correct answers. On the cover sheet you DON’T need to give a mark but DO need to write down two or three features which have not been included.

2. Update your mindmap and anthology for the Brahms. There will be a folder check next week!


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