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A2 Homework – w/c 1st February

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Please complete the 2005 chorale mock using the bassline we agree in class. You can alter it, however, as much as you like. Please check REALLY carefully for Double SLAP problems

1. Listen to the Brahms Quintet and annotate your score with any repetitions of motifs a, b and c. We’ll do a peer check in class on Wednesday!

2. Read the background information in your Brahms workpack. Make a note of anything you don’t understand

3. Write a detailed paragraph about Brahms’s use of structure and tonality in the Quintet.

Write an essay consisting of 10 illustrated and explained points answering the following question:

What innovative compositional techniques does Schoenberg use to express the emotional content of the text in Der kranke Mond from Pierrot Lunaire.

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