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Music Homework – Group BD – w/c 4th January

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Anthology and Mock Preparation
We are doing a Bruckner Skeleton score on Friday so please prepare yourselves for that. For the mock you need to:

  • Listen to the set works with thoroughly annotated scores (Haydn, Bach, Bruckner, Dekker & Dowland)
  • Learn the context question info (Haydn and Bach – info in the revision guide I gave you that is also in the resources folder on Moodle)
  • Make sure you know the comparison standard questions (p. 18 of the Handbook) for Melody, Harmony, Texture and Structure and have thought about the answers to them for the Haydn and Bach
  • Know how to use IB and IC-V-I with the melody patterns 3-2-1 and 8-7-8 (notes in the back of the Course Handbook)

Listening Questions – Wednesday 8.45
Essays – Friday 1.45
Harmony – Thursday 10.15

You have two weeks to work on the points raised in your feedback. I am happy to look at specific issues and questions if you want to post in the optional submission folder this coming Friday. Please submit both a Sibelius file AND an updated copy of the feedback sheet with the actions boxes filled in.

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