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A2 Homework – w/c 4th January

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Mock Schedule:
Monday – Applied Essays
Wednesday – Listening followed by Instrumental Essay
[composition as usual]

Instrumental – Holborne, Bach, Ellington, Haydn and Davis

Applied – Williams and Bach. You need both to be able to identify key features on a blank anthology (you can come and practice in the classroom if you wish but don’t take them downstairs) and also to understand the main topics (e.g. what is meant by Lutheran). Use the revision notes that were handed out in class – they are also on Moodle.

Listening – read through the notes on short answer questions that are in the Course Handbook (available also online on http://www.alevelmusic.com) and also you could review the information on genre and instrumentation in the detailed GSMIRTH glossary as well as the style period information in the Short History of Music.

Worksheet 15 / Fingerprint 5 on pages 18-19 of the Fingerprint Workbook

You have two weeks to complete your improvements in response to feedback. Please submit your score and also a copy of the feedback sheet with the actions boxes filled in so that I know what you have done. I am happy to look at specific issues and questions if you want to post in the optional submission folder this coming Friday


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