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A2 (D) Homework set w/c 2nd February

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1. Answer the melody and rhythm questions (Tippett) on the workshop. Please hand in next lesson.
2. Go to Moodle A2 Instrumental area and find the folder marked ‘w/c 2 February Tippett’. You will find some of the texture work from two weeks ago. Please add these texture features to your anthology.


1. Make a table of features of the Stravinsky. You should have one column for each movement and then three rows:

  • Comical or grotesque transformations
  • Subtle additions (Stravinsky’s accent)
  • Instrumentation

2. Write one paragraph introducing answering in general terms the following questions:

  • What was Stravinsky’s approach to arranging these eighteenth century works?
  • How is Stravinsky’s music suited to the grotesquely caricatured characters of the Commedia del’arte ballet for which it was written?
  • To what extent is Pulcinella a Neo-Classical piece?


Do worksheet 20, adding three bells and whistles along the way (see here for an annotated version of the Bells and Whistles worksheet)


For the half term hand in next FRIDAY you need to submit:

  • Printed composition
  • Printed coversheet
  • Composition and coversheet on Moodle

For interim feedback early next week, please submit on Monday or Tuesday on Moodle with a specific question

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