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A2 (A) Homework set w/c 2nd February

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1. Make a table of features of the Stravinsky. You should have one column for each movement and then three rows:

  • Comical or grotesque transformations
  • Subtle additions (Stravinsky’s accent)
  • Instrumentation

2. Write one paragraph introducing answering in general terms the following questions:

  • What was Stravinsky’s approach to arranging these eighteenth century works?
  • How is Stravinsky’s music suited to the grotesquely caricatured characters of the Commedia del’arte ballet for which it was written?
  • To what extent is Pulcinella a Neo-Classical piece?


Do worksheet 20, adding three bells and whistles along the way (see here for an annotated version of the Bells and Whistles worksheet)


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