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w/c 26th January

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This week is Unit 3 and Unit 6 Mocks so there is no homework set (there is harmony and chorales from last week however). Timetable for the week is here. You are not obliged to hand in compositions this week but you are welcome to email them for feedback.

Year 12

Learn the Standard Comparison Questions on pp. 17-18 of your Course Handbook for Harmony, Melody, Structure and Texture.Listen to the works with annotated scores and make sure you have revised the context questions for Poulenc and Mozart.

Any work studies so far except for the Bach could come up in Skeleton Scores

Make sure you know your IC/IB-V-I and ii7b-V-I fingerprints for question 4 and that you know closely related keys and embellishments for question 4.

Year 13

Anything except Stravinsky might come up. You need to be able to find key features in the score quickly and efficiently.

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