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Piece of the week (January 19th 2015)

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This week’s is the beautiful aria “Ich habe genug” from Bach’s Cantata of the same name. Written in 1727, Bach manages to express both the pain of death and the joy of Christian salvation in this aria (see translation below). Bach’s ability to convey this sort of bitter-sweet emotion is one of the things that makes him such an incredible composer.

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1. Arie B
Ich habe genug,
Ich habe den Heiland, das Hoffen der Frommen,
Auf meine begierigen Arme genommen;
Ich habe genug!
Ich hab ihn erblickt,
Mein Glaube hat Jesum ans Herze gedrückt;
Nun wünsch ich, noch heute mit Freuden
Von hinnen zu scheiden.
1. Aria B
I have enough,
I have taken the Savior, the hope of the righteous,
into my eager arms;
I have enough!
I have beheld Him,
my faith has pressed Jesus to my heart;
now I wish, even today with joy
to depart from here.


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