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AS (G) Homework w/c 24th November

Instrumental (for Tuesday)

Find the textures on the Textures finder given out in class. I will take these in.

Remember the workshop for this class is on THURSDAY at 1.15

Vocal (for Monday)

1. Revise for Skeleton Score tests next week

2. Get to know your intervals – these resources may help

Harmony (for Friday)

Finish page 23 in the harmony workbook. Make sure you have used Ib V I and Ic V I on BOTH melodic patterns.

Remember the workshop for this class is on TUESDAY at 1.15

Composition (end of Wednesday)

1. Update your composition, following the suggestions on Moodle
2. Start a new section of your piece. Try to link the new section motivically to your first section

Submit your new sketch on Moodle by Wednesday 4pm at the latest.