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AS (F) Homework w/c 3rd November

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Instrumental (for Tuesday)

Complete the MUST section of the Learning Tasks for the Poulenc – other tasks are available on this handout for Loyalty Card points.

Vocal (for Wednesday)

Complete the MUST section of the Learning Tasks for the Faure – other tasks are listed on this sheet that are eligible for Loyalty Card points.

Harmony (for Wednesday)

Finish p. 16

Composition (end of Wednesday)

If you have not completed your planning work and submitted it on Moodle, you must do so by the end of Monday at the latest

1) Come up with a melodic figure that you can use for a section of your composition and fill out a motivic planning sheet (I will take this in at the end of the lesson or workshop on Wednesday)

2) Write at least 12 bars of material for your chosen ensemble using the melodic material.

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