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AS (A) Homework set w/c 7th Oct.

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[This is the group that has IAIN for composition]


Write a 16-bar theme. You should include the melody line and a stave with chords.
It must:
i) have two distinctive motivic ideas that are repeated and transformed (rhythm and articulation as important as pitch)
ii) have two cadences (perhaps one after 8 bars and the other at the end)
iii) vary the harmonic rhythm at least a couple of times (i.e. not two chords per bar for the whole piece)

It might:
i) include a modulation to the dominant or relative minor
ii) incorporate a chromatic chord

submit an alternative brief proposal plus a short sketch of around 16 bars

Instrumental (Monday 14th)

Write a short essay on the following title: “Compare the Holborne (Pavane only) and the Debussy in terms of their texture”

You should use the five standard comparison questions for texture on p. 18 of the Course Handbook, using the information that we gathered on the A3 comparison grid. As a guide, you need to write five short paragraphs in which you compare the two works according to the topics suggested by the questions. You therefore should make about five points with examples from each work.


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