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Homework w/c 17th Sept

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Please submit here by the end of TUESDAY 27th.

Keep researching textures etc. from pieces that inspire you. Sonata form links can be found here: https://alevelmusic.com/alevelcompositionhelp/composing-help/sonata-form-2/ but you should do your OWN RESEARCH and find relevant pieces.

This week you should develop some transitionary and/or codetta material in order to start stitching some music together.

Practice Exam 1 Revision

You need to revise carefully the Haydn, Essay topics A-G and Core Wider Listening 1 and 2 for the practice exam in two weeks time. You will need at least some of the following resources:

Debussy Test

On e Wednesday 28th we will have a short answer test on DEBUSSY. Please revise for this using resources above.


As soon as possible you should decide on your programme and submit the form. The deadline is not for a few weeks but the SOONER THE BETTER.

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