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Homework w/c 12th Sept

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Please submit here by the end of TUESDAY 20th.

Use the link in comments on last week’s submission to find your Composition Log and update:

1. Transfer your initial research to the relevant box
2. Document where you are getting textures for your next sketch. Sonata form links can be found here: https://alevelmusic.com/alevelcompositionhelp/composing-help/sonata-form-2/ but you should do your OWN RESEARCH and find relevant pieces.

This week you should correct/develop/replace last weeks work and come up with another idea (e.g. a second subject)


Continue revising and preparing for the Topic A test in the w/c Monday 19th September. Resources here.


As soon as possible you should decide on your programme and submit the form. The deadline is not for a few weeks but the SOONER THE BETTER.

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