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Summer Work

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As well as making sure you relax and recharge your batteries, make time for these summer tasks:

  • Review Haydn 104 for a Short Answer Test in the first week back
  • Create notes on symphonies for a timed essay on Topic A (form and structure). You are advised to put together a card/sheet for each symphony. There is a video and framework linked to in this task on Google Classroom. Remember there are also some notes on essay topics relating to Haydn 104 in the new essay booklet issued earlier this term
  • Keep your hand in on your instrument and on the pieces you will play for the exam

If you are at a loose end, here are some other things you could do:

  • Have a go at some ideas for your free composition (which can be anything you like)
  • Review the Debussy
  • Review the AoS E Core Wider Listening Webern and Ravel pieces.
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