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Year 12 Homework w/c 31st January

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Composition (stitching together the development) Due Friday 11th on Google Classroom

  • Exposition Codetta (copied and pasted) – same as final coda that you have already written but transposed up a fifth / down a fourth into the DOMINANT (can be changed / cut down a little to make it a bit less final)
  • LINK (new)  – This is new. 4-6 bars that are a modified repetition of some element of the codetta including pivot to new key
  • Dev 1 (written already) – Circle of fifths in a related minor key
  • LINK (new) – modulation incorporating parallel motion (i.e. 3rds or 6ths)
  • Dev 2 (written already) – antiphonal texture (chords in middle of texture with melody alternating above in treble instruments and below in bass instruments)
  • LINK (new) modulation incorporating parallel motion (i.e. 3rds or 6ths) or a modified idea from before including a pivot to the new key
  • Dev 3 (written already) – dominant pedal (dominant of original tonic)

Revise for a short answer test on Wednesday 9th (final review and resources on Google Classroom)

Plan and submit your Year 12 Internal Performance paperwork (due on March 4th)

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