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Year 13 Homework

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Draft Final Submission (Wednesday 29th March)

This is a practice submission (the final one is the end of the first week back after Easter) and I would like you do do the following please. You will be given some time to do this in class on WEDNESDAY.

1) Fill in the cover sheet attached to the GC submission and submit DO NOT SIGN IT YET PLEASE – we’ll do that on the real submission after Easter
2) Also submit your Sibelius file
3) Put your Sibelius file, PDF and MP3 on the H drive in a folder labelled “Music Unit 2 Submission”

Timed Essay Preparation (Wednesday 31st March)

There are materials on Google to help you prepare for this here

Exam Preparation (aim for the practice exam questions we will be doing in the w/c 19th April)

You need to revise:

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