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Music Year 12 HW w/c 21st Sept.

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For Next week (end of Monday 28th)

Complete the texture Exercise E2 that we started in class. You can either do it on paper or Sibelius (here on Google Classroom)

Please create a one-page poster entitled Haydn and the Classical style. It should outline the main features of the style, a brief outline of Haydn’s biography and mention a few key works. You should read the attachments and do any other research that helps. You can use pictures and basic graphic design to make it pretty! You should listen to some works by Haydn while you are doing this exercise – a symphony and a quartet would be good (here on Google Classroom).


Complete Exercise C1 in your workbook and upload a photograph of it HERE on Google Classroom.

Remember to bring your two-bar melody from last week to the Thursday lesson as we will be inputting it on Sibelius.

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