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Remote Learning: Week 2 (w/c 30th March)

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Week 2: Intro Video


This week, before we start the Easter break, I would like you to do the following. I will then give you formal feedback over Easter so you can start really polishing it next term:

  • Make corrections as per your feedback
  • Make a list of WCT features from the brief and where they feature in your composition. This can just be a series of bullet points or a table in a Word or similar document
  • Copy and paste your ABA’ after the C section. Choose at least one A section and rewrite it with a modified texture.
  • Add a coda to the end (look at this handout on codas to help you)

Western Classical Tradition

  1. Keep on making notes on and revising for the timed essay at the end of this week on LAST MOVEMENTS. Video Part 1 / Video Part 2
  2. Complete Worksheet 2 (on Moodle) in readiness for a video and follow-up task later in the week
  3. Complete the dictation exercise on Moodle
  4. Watch this VIDEO that discusses answers to the worksheet and goes through the fourth movement of the Haydn
  5. COMPLETE the timed essay buy the end of Friday 3rd April and submit it on Moodle.
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