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Year 12 Homework w/c 2nd March

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Essay on Second Movements

There will be a timed essay on the development of SECOND movements on Friday 13th March. You need to prepare for this in the usual way by using your booklet in conjunction with the Development of the Symphony notes on A level music. We will touch on some key issues in class in preparation for this.

Internal Composition Brief

For Tuesday 10th: Write A’ section and if you’ve done that successfully the A section

For Tuesday 17th: Write B section and then put together ABA’ (look at brief but basically the B section fragments an idea from the A section and then ends up on a dominant pedal for 4-8 bars or so. You need to use the chords from alevelmusic really carefully to make it correct.)

This is the assessed brief handed in next term. Please see both the detailed instructions and the Haydn model below but we will be launching this formally in class so no need to start until we have talked about it.

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