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Year 12 Homework w/c 3rd February

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  1. Do corrections
  2. Write a transition for the exposition which should be as follows:
    1. A 6-8 bar passage that follows the pivot chord progression from the Haydn so it should go as follows (this can be based on existing or new material but must continue from the tonic noise that you have already written):
      In home key: I – V6 / which is in dominant key I6 – vii6 – I [then you can carry on for a few bars in the new key] – note the underlined chord is the pivot chord (V6=I6 in new key)
    2. 6 or more bars of dominant pedal in the new key (use these chords) which will lead into your second subject (i.e. if you are going from D in S1 to A in S2 your dominant pedal must be E)
  3. Copy and paste your first subject after this transition and then transpose it into the dominant

SO the beginning should now go (new bits in BOLD CAPS):

S1 – tonic noise – TRANSITION – DOMINANT PEDAL (OF DOMINANT) – S2 (which is S1 transposed up a fifth/down a fourth)

Test preparation

Continue preparing for test on Haydn First movement short answer AND the development of first movements in the symphony in general.

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