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Year 12 HW w/c 4th February

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Composition (due Friday 15th February for both groups)

This week your task is to finish your first movement as follows:

Sonata form OVERVIEW (download table showing whole structure)

Notes on Codas at bottom of WCT Fingerprints page (PDF here)

  1. Make corrections and improvements
  2. Chords and features must be labelled
  3. You must have DYNAMICS and ARTICULATION
  4. After your second subject in the dominant you need to write a Codetta (we will look at this later in the week) in the DOMINANT
  5. For your recap, the minimum is to copy and paste your first subject as is, change your transition so it stays in the tonic then copy and paste the first part of your first subject again (preferably with some small instrumention or other changes)
  6. Adapt your Codetta so it is a Coda to finish in the TONIC (again we will look at this later in the week)
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