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Year 12 Homework (w/c 7th January)

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Composition (due A: Thursday 17th / B: Friday 18th)

  1. Make corrections to 16-bar phrase from last term according to feedback on Moodle
  2. Write a circle of fifths based on a fragment of your idea. You must:
    1. write it in a closely related minor key to your tonic
    2. write a melodic idea that spans TWO chords (i.e. I – IV) then sequence this idea down by step to create the circle of fifths
    3. in  a minor key circle of fifths you should not raise the seventh in III (and you can decide whether to or not for vii)
  3. Write a 6-8 bar idea in which you pass a (modified) fragment of the melody from the 16-bar phrase between a higher and a lower instrument (like on the first page of the development of the Haydn 104 first movement). This should be in a closely related key.
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