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Year 13 Homework w/c 10th December

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Composition Portfolio Assessment 2

DUE TUESDAY 18th DECEMBER but PLEASE hand in earlier and then re-submit if you change anything.

  • COMPOSITION 1: I would like PRINTED scores and logs for this as well as Sibelius files on Moodle (this should be a finished rough draft)
  • COMPOSITION 2: I just need a Sibelius file and a clear explanation in the text on Moodle of what this piece is (this should be some substantial sketches).

Revision for Mock


  • Haydn Symphony 104 – details of all four movements so you can answer short answer questions on this work with a blank score
  • Wider listening works, Haydn Symphony 104 AND Mendelssohn ‘Italian’ main points organised by topic for 15-mark essays (ESSAY WILL BE ONE FROM TOPICS A-H & L)


  • Musical Theatre – main composers and the dates of their key works. Make sure you are clear about the main comparison points you should use for musical theatre


  • Poulenc and Debussy set works so that you can answer detailed short answer questions on these works with a blank score
  • Core Listening works so that you can describe them in terms of their various parameters. You have to explain, for example, form or harmony in a Core Listening work that contrasts with the unseen listening (5 marks)



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