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Year 12 Homework w/c 26th November

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Work set last week for this week

Composition – dominant pedal for minuet – see last week for detailed instructions

Work set for next week

Composition – B section (blank 6 bars – can be anything from 4-12 bars)

Do corrections and DEVELOP TEXTURE (i.e. adapt some of the simple textures you have to fit to the models offered here: minuet textures)

Start in the relative minor (or that of the dominant – see below)

There are TWO main options

1.Write a melodic idea (either based on your original or not) and then sequence down a tone (like the in the Trio of Stamitz LMG) OR

2.Write a brief circle of fifths round to the dominant (if you want to go a bit further then start B section in relative minor of dominant)

THEN you need to arrive on the dominant pedal you have either written. You should either

1.land on your dominant pedal from an augmented sixth a semitone above it OR

2.land on V FIRST then add in an augmented sixth that resolves onto your dominant pedal

Essay revision

Make notes on Topic D (Third movements). Use Essay Topic Summary (D)this handout as the basis for your notes and use the development of the symphony pages to do your research. In the end you will have to write a short essay on how third movements have developed in the history of the symphony, with some examples taken from all periods and a short paragraph on Haydn 104. We will have a brief discussion on this topic in the first single lesson of next week and a timed essay in the first double.

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