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Year 13 HW w/c 22nd October

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Work set previously for THIS WEEK

You must hand in:

  1.  your score on Moodle
  2.  your log sheet attached as a file here but also printed out filled in as follows:
    • Structure summary indicating what passages in your composition are (e.g. bars 1-16: first subject, bars 40-52: development sketch, bars 1-20: in the sorceror’s cave)
    • AT LEAST four documented influences
    • AT LEAST four WCT Stylistic features

Revision for test (C group – Friday; D group – Wednesday)
An essay on EITHER second movements OR third movements

This week we will be looking at FOURTH movements as well as reviewing the Poulenc set work.

Work set for half term

Revise for a comprehensive test on Poulenc and Debussy in the first week back after half term. You should also revise the focus wider listening works that we have so far covered (Poulenc brass trio and Webern) so you can answer the 5-mark question at the end.

You need to fill in a Free Composition Planning Document for Composition 2 to be handed in the first lesson back after half term. Please print this out for submission.

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