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Year 13 HW w/c 24th September

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You need to  make some serious progress. Clear documentation of influences (I will be taking a closer look at the logs this week (download them from Moodle) and in the score. The examiners report is clear that good phrase structures are important.

AoS E (C: Tuesday 2nd / D:  Wednesday 3rd)

Write a single page summary of the Webern Quartet op. 22 in terms of its STRUCTURE and SERIAL CONSTRUCTION. I want a bit more detail than you would put in an exam question but I am not looking for a novel!


Make sure you review first movement of Haydn and first movement essay topic (B) for this week’s lessons please


We will be reviewing SECOND movement Haydn and essay topics in class and on Wednesday (D) /Friday (C) we will have timed essay on FIRST movements.



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