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Year 12 HW w/c 5th February

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Hand in on Tuesday (if your lesson is Wednesday) / Wednesday (if your lesson is Thursday) HERE

You need to put your development together. A default structure (from which you can deviate, except for the last bit) might look as follows:

  1. Idea in minor (perhaps swapping an idea from top to bottom of texture e.g. violins and cellos with simple accompaniment in the middle)
  2. Another idea (perhaps going to a few other keys – you could use parallel motion of some kind – see here)
  3. A circle of fifths landing on … (notes here – your sequence in the melody should span TWO chords so then it can sequence down so write a melody for I-IV and then sequence it down a step three times)
  4. A dominant pedal in your home key (some notes here and some chords to use here)

The idea is not complexity but VARIETY. So changing the orchestration – who has the melody, how many are accompanying etc.

WCT etc

Annotate your scores from Moodle and revise for a test on Movement 1 of the Haydn on Friday next week. There will also be some musical theatre listening.

You must do at least one music theatre revision activity and one Haydn movement 1 from the quizzes on Moodle.

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