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Year 12 HW w/c 8th January

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First Subject Composition Homework (due in Tuesday 16th / Wednesday 17th)

Write a 16-bar theme (ending on I at the beginning of the 17th bar) for orchestra string section (Vl I, II, Vla, Vc, Bass) in the same key, time signature and tempo as your tonic filler homework. It needs to follow the structure of the first subject of the opening movement of Haydn 104 as follows:

  • 4-bar theme (include simple, triadic and scalic ideas which will work well for development)
  • 4-bar idea that ends on I-V imperfect cadence
  • Exact repeat of 4-bar theme
  • Adapt bars 5-8 so that they end on a PERFECT cadence (use ii6 or a cadential 6/4 as well). The perfect cadence will land on the beginning of the next bar (bar 17)


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